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New Courses Workshops & Seminars


Window Display Techniques- Webinar

Location: When: 18:00 to 19:15 Are you a Town Centre Business Looking to Create a Shopping Experience for your Customers?  Fife Council’s Economic Development Team and Town Centre Development Unit, in partnership with Business Gateway Fife, will be delivering a series of 3 workshops to help independent retail businesses across Fife to develop and grow, providing insight into store branding, atmosphere and layout to increase your customer shopping experience.   The virtual workshops will be hosted by Lynda Murray an experienced Retail Consultant specialising in store design an


Public Speaking for the Terrified

Location: Glenrothes When: 09:30 to 11:30 Everyone can speak confidently in public. The ability just needs to be unlocked.In business, you often need to make a presentation or a speech. Have you ever looked at the person on the stage, with the microphone, and wondered how they do it? Don’t they suffer panic attacks, a dry mouth, a tongue that suddenly has a mind of its own?Anyone can speak confidently in public. Especially you.What to expect from this workshopEveryone can speak confidently in public. The ability just needs to be unlocked.During this practical workshop, we will learn about:


Networking for Introverts- Webinar

Location: When: 09:30 to 11:30 This will teach the skills and tricks necessary to participate successfully in F2F and remote business networking meetings.Aimed at people who identify as introverts, who don’t enjoy networking or who are just plain terrified by the idea of walking into a room full of strangers and starting a conversation.We will discover the secret that makes introverts actually better at networking than extroverts!What to expect from this workshop


Making Keywords Work for your Website- Webinar

Location: When: 09:30 to 11:30 This workshop will cover how keywords work, what are keywords and where and how to use them. We will discuss the 4 types of keywords.Part of the SEO process is using keywords: words and phrases that describe what your content is about.Google uses that information to determine which content is relevant to a particular search query, and how the page should rank in searches for a particular term.Find out how to approach keyword research and where to apply these keywords within your website.