Advertising with Social Media- Webinar

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20 Mar

  • Advertising with Social Media- Webinar

  • Location: Webinar
  • When: 09:30 - 11:30

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Advertising with Social Media- Webinar

Want to quickly build a relevant fan base or an active email list? Want to generate sales straight away? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should consider using paid social media advertising to help supplement your organic activities, in order to achieve your business objectives. Social media advertising is becoming increasingly popular with businesses and recent research shows that this trend is set to continue, as paid social media is being seen as an essential part of a coordinated social media strategy. If you don’t understand how advertising works across the main social media channels you could end up wasting a lot of money. The aim of this workshop is to give you a basic understanding of how advertising works on social media, with particular reference to the big three channels, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At the workshop you will: 
  • Learn how social media advertising is different to traditional advertising
  • Understand the strategy behind successful social advertising
  • Learn how to build your ideal audience on the big three networks
  • Learn how to use social advertising to show more of your content
  • Learn how to target people who have visited your website
  • Learn how to build your email list
  • Learn how to attract your ideal customers
  • Understand the different payment options and how to maximise your budget


Who Should Attend? The event is ideal for business owners, marketing professionals, social media managers, sales professionals and all those who want to have an understanding of how they can use social media advertising to achieve their business objectives.  *Please note it would be beneficial to attend our Social Media Basic course before attending this event.  Please note: A link and any further information you require to access the webinar will be included in your booking confirmation email. Please log on in plenty of time to enter your details at the start of the session.

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