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IT Graduate Apprenticeship Event - Developing your workforce's IT skills

Thursday, 15 April 2021 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Let us help you to develop the IT skills of your workforce at no additional cost
Information Technology, or IT, is all around us. From interacting with customers and processing invoices to checking your email and updating your website, there is a good chance that IT plays a pivotal role in your business.
Our reliance on IT has soared over the last year, and it is very likely that every single employee within your business now uses varying levels of IT daily. With more and more consumers and businesses moving online, this reliance is only going to increase.
In order to keep up with this demand, we would like to help you to invest in the development of your workforce’s IT knowledge, skills and experience at no additional cost to your business.
How does it work?
Our fully funded Graduate Apprenticeship Programme gives you the opportunity to develop current or new members of your workforce (of all ages) to honours degree level at no additional cost to your business.
We have fully funded and easily accessible places available on five different courses: 
1.IT Management for Business
2.IT Software Development
3.Business Management
4.Civil Engineering
5.Engineering, Design and Manufacturing
Graduate Apprentices spend one day a week studying at the University and the remaining four days of the week working in their role. At the end of four years they will receive the same level of degree as a student studying full time.
The application process is simple and easy and there is no mountain of paperwork to complete.
Join us at our IT event and book now