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Scotland’s new taxi hailing app steps into the future

Daniel Malikzade-Afshar launches Yes!Taxi app
Company Name: Yes!Taxi
Company Contact: Daniel Malikzade-Afshar
Sector: Services
Size: Start-up
A St Andrews student, Daniel Malikzade-Afshar, has brought a new and exciting dimension to the Scottish taxi market as he combines local taxi firms with a sustainable and personal approach. Yes!Taxi is the 21st century taxi app which provides safe, convenient and affordable rides for anyone across Scotland.
The third-year theoretical physicist has found a way to bring together flourishing Scottish business and drivers with an innovative approach to taxi services which will open the market while still supporting drivers. The initial idea came from Daniel talking to his dad whose experience as a taxi driver has encouraged to help solve some of the issues faced by both the drivers and the customers.
Yes!Taxi has quickly become the fastest and most convenient booking platform in Scotland. App users can easily access their taxi’s location, pick their favourite driver and rate their trip. In the first six-week trial launch, it has completed over 400 rides, over 600 users and has attracted over 40 drivers.
The environment is at the heart of Yes!Taxi as Daniel feels that the young generation care and the app reflects this. He said: “The further you go the more points you earn which are converted into trees, flowers and plants across Britain helping to combat climate change. Furthermore, you can choose your favourite plant to seed.”
He added: “The app has gone from strength to strength. I am so proud to see where it has come and where it is going.’’
He is now working to expand globally to provide safe, easy and reliable taxi services alongside tackling specific issues faced by those countries.
It also promotes safety to young people with its SOS feature, which in exceptional circumstances, will mean a university ID will be enough to book a cab.
Daniel has received advice and support throughout his journey from Business Gateway Fife.
His adviser, Marissa Yassen said: “Daniel was assisted with three days of Expert Help with developing legal contracts for all contractual taxi drivers along with a further one day of Expert Help onTax and VAT registration implications due to the unique service Yes!Taxi provides. Our HR adviser, Catherine Bartle was able to support Daniel on employment contracts for his satellite staff who will be managing the Yes!Taxi services in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow as well as St Andrews.”
Daniel added: “I am grateful for the valuable support I have received from Marissa at Business Gateway Fife.  It has certainly helped me put in place the correct legal contracts needed to take the business forward.” 
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