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Scotcomms Technology Group (STG)
Company Name: Scotcomms Technology Group (STG)
Company Contact: Ken McRobb
Sector: Tourism

Scotcomms Technology Group (STG) is one of the UK’s leading transaction system companies, which through its principal brand product, TeamCard, delivers access management solutions to stadia and events across the UK. 

Much of its business to date has come through recommendations, but the decision to grow and diversify into event management, has brought about the need to implement a detailed marketing and PR strategy. 

TeamCard converts large crowds into detailed portraits of real customers. This process generates tangible, real-time data, which, as well as allowing control of access and eliminating fraud, can be segmented and used to add value, create loyalty and build retention of members and visitors.

 TeamCard’s first deployment was at the Bolton Wanderers’ Stadium, and its success quickly led to installations at football clubs around the UK, including Chelsea, Millwall, Burnley and Stoke City. And, in September last year, TeamCard was awarded the prestigious Technology Innovator Award 2016 for "Best for Sports Card System Design Solutions". 

There is unquestionably export potential for the TeamCard product, especially to the US and Canada, where there are an abundance of stadia for numerous sports/sporting events. 

STG has already undertaken a successful business trip to Qatar with the UK Government, where its TeamCard product was well received.

In the UK, STG’s growth strategy is well underway, having secured new business for TeamCard at Goodwood and Lord’s Cricket Ground and having recently agreed a deal with R&A Championships to provide the access control solution for The Open for the next five years. 

Its focus on the event management sector will see the business evolve and grow its turnover, which for the last financial year was circa £1.5 million. 

Ken McRobb, Operations Director at STG spoke to fbm. He said: “Business has been strong for a number of years, which is the perfect platform from which to grow. We’re firmly focused on expanding, and have confidence in our products and services to take them to new markets.” 

In addition to TeamCard, STG develops and supports city pass management solutions in some of the largest cities in the world. St Andrews-based STG has a very specialist team of 13 who are at the cutting edge of its sector. 

Currently, they are working hard on a new android system – TeamCard 3 – its most advanced access management system yet, which is due to launch this summer. Ken added, “Our systems are continuously being enhanced and improved to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and to remain at the cutting-edge of technology. Our team ensures we maintain our position as pace setters in the industry, as we remain committed to being the best in our field.”

STG is undoubtedly on the cusp of a sizeable expansion and is preparing for the future, having engaged with Business Gateway Fife (BGF) and Scottish Development International. BGF’s business advisor, Lynne Baillie, has been assisting on the marketing and PR strategy through its Expert Help programme, and has made introductions to Scottish Development International (SDI). Going forward, STG believes SDI’s insight, advice, and help of overcoming export barriers will be extremely useful.

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