1. The Small Business Covid Safety Grant (SBCSG) will operate until 31st March 2021, subject to availability of funds.  2. To be eligible for consideration of a SBCSG award, the applicant business must: a. Operate from business premises that are accessed by the publicb. Be located within one of Fife’s defined town centresc. Have no more than three business outlets in its business chaind. Have no more than 5 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) employees per business outlet.  3. The grant will be up to a maximum of £100.00 per eligible business outlet towards eligible expenditure on Public Health measures, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), incurred to support trading and business activity during the implementation of Covid-19 recovery measures. 4. Eligible Expenditure can include:a. PPE, such as face masks, visors, gloves for use by staff or customersb. Hand sanitiser & sanitiser dispensing units c. Protective screens installed at cash-desks and other public interface areas. d. internal signage related to public safety.e. The list of eligible items is not exhaustive, expenditure on other items may be considered eligible at the discretion of Fife Council  5. The SBCSG will be administered by Business Gateway Fife on behalf of Fife Council. 6. The offer of grant by Fife Council and formal acceptance from the applicant will form the basis of the agreement between Fife Council and the applicant.  7. The grant award will be paid by Business Gateway Fife upon completion of the application and receipt of the formal acceptance from the applicant.  8. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that work is completed to his/her satisfaction.  Fife Council/ Business Gateway Fife will not be liable for any design or construction faults. 9. Retrospective applications are permissible.  10. At the request of Fife Council/Business Gateway Fife, the Applicant must display any notice issued by Fife Council in relation to the SBCSG for a period of up to 6 months following receipt of the award.   11. Press releases including photographs may be used by Fife Council to publicise the SBCSG, without the specific agreement of the applicant.  The applicant must not issue or use press releases about the Public Health measures without the agreement of Fife Council. Any publicity or press release by the applicant must name Fife Council and Scottish Government as a co-funder of the measures. 12. If the Applicant is in breach of any of the terms of the grant then, at the sole option of Fife Council, the grant will not be paid and any grant already paid must be repaid by the Applicant in full to Fife Council. 13. At the request of Fife Council/Business Gateway Fife, the Applicant must take part in research to enable evaluation of the scheme to be carried out. 14. Privacy Notice: information gathered on the applicant business will be used by Fife Council and Business Gateway Fife for monitoring and evaluation of the grant scheme, and to communicate with the applicant and to pass on any relevant information to the applicant.  It will not be disclosed to a third party without the permission of the applicant.